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Where is Napan?

Napan is located In the province of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. We are approximately 140 km /100 miles north of the City of Moncton. Napan is next door to the City of Miramichi (formally the Town of Chatham) on NB provincial highway 11.

What is Napan Like?

One of the many tributaries flowing into the famous Miramichi River in New Brunswick is the Napan River, which empties into the mouth of the Miramichi. The rural community of Napan which is a picturesque, rural area built largely in the 1800's is comprised of the area around both sides of the river. With a population of approximately 1500 people, Napan maintains a history as a farming and fishing area.

Today the community of Napan struggles to survive, as do other rural areas, however, Napan's strengths include a determined and creative community and as a result many businesses and organizations have developed which are owned and operated by citizens of Napan.