at Napan Elementary School

We have so many reasons to celebrate, that it is difficult to know where to begin. As there's so much learning going on in every corner of our little school, that alone gives us reason enough to celebrate!
But when all the enthusiastic students and dedicated staff put their talents together...MAGIC happens! Here are a few examples of what we mean.


With the expertise of our awesome Music teacher, Miss. Pickard and never ending assistance of Mrs. Hondas, Mrs. Gallant, Mrs. Mercer and Mrs. Daley our choir has made the walls of our school vibrate! They will be heading out for their presentation to the adjuciators this week.
They have been working hard to perfect the following pieces: A SIMPLE SONG OF PEACE and GRANDMA'S FEATHER BED. Stay in touch to learn of their results. (No matter what the "official results" say, they will always be top performers in our eyes!!)


Because we really care about our environment, we have been working on a program from SEEDS (a nonprofit Canadian organization) which promotes environmental awareness among school children. The basic aim is to have the students actively involved in learning how to make our planet earth a healthy place for every living thing and most important of all...doing something about it!
In June 1994, we successfully completed the required number of 100 environmental projects to be recognized as a "GREEN SCHOOL". On April 22, 1997 we officially were declaired a "JADE SCHOOL". We are excited! Our job does not end here though, as we have our hearts set on continuing to make a difference. We are also eager to hear about projects that other elementary school environmentalists have been working on in their special areas.

WE we support IWK-GRACE

With the heartfelt thoughts of everyone and Miss Taylor's guidance, we have continued to support the work of IWK-GRACE HOSPITAL. We have been holding Penny Drives,Jewelery Sales and a "Candy Jar " contest along with other mini classroom projects to earn as much as we possibly can by the end of April.


On May 6,1997 we will be honoured to have Terry Fox's mom visit our school. We have strived to keep Terry's dream alive by holding a "Terry Fox Run" annually at our school and with the continued support of our community, we have been able to help support in Cancer Research since 1981. May his dream become a reality very soon and give the entire world a reason to celebrate!

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